Monday, November 06, 2006

Supporting Our Veterans

There is widespread opinion across America regarding our current military involvement in Iraq. Whatever your view on the war in Iraq is, there is one thing that I think we all can agree on -- that is the support and care for the brave men and women that put their lives on the line because our government has asked them to. You can help to ensure that our veterans receive the proper medical attention that they have earned. Please read the information below which has been distributed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and sign the petition if so led...

"Veterans Day is quickly approaching and already over 1 million troops have served in the current war on terror. More than 2,600 of these brave men and women have been killed and over 20,000 have been injured in the line of duty. Despite these great sacrifices, Congress recently tried to slash the budget for the VA’s traumatic brain injury care centers that many or our wounded troops depend on.

Our veterans should not have to fight for the high quality healthcare they’ve earned. That’s why the VFW is launching Healthcare for Our Heroes, a month-long Veterans Day campaign to demand full funding of veterans’ healthcare and benefits.

Join the campaign today by signing the Healthcare for Our Heroes Petition to Congress. Congress needs to know that anything short of fully funded healthcare and benefits for our veterans is unacceptable. Especially when VA claims backlogs have reached a record high of over 800,000! Those claims represent hundreds of thousands of veterans and their families who are waiting for their healthcare and benefits they need to survive. These are real people who did their duty for our country. But, unfortunately, the country is not holding up its end of the bargain... Let us honor the men and women who’ve served our country by calling on Congress to fully fund healthcare and benefits for our veterans.

Our goal is to gather 20,000 Healthcare for Our Heroes Petition signatures to deliver to Congress by November 11th, Veterans Day. Thank you for supporting our troops and veterans."

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