Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Steve Harvey's Tearful Admission

For those of us that are normal average people, it can be hard for us to relate to the rich and famous. It is easy for us to look upon celebrities as if they are not human or don't deal with the same kind of emotions that we deal with. But nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the famous deal with the same kinds of fears, insecurities, worries, sins and heartache that the rest of us do.

A recent video posted to YouTube demonstrates this reality. Steve Harvey, a well-known comedian and actor, was being interviewed on the Christian television station TBN by gospel singer, Donnie McClurkin. In a moment of vulnerability, Harvey shared how difficult it is as a celebrity to find someone to share about his life with who can truly understand what he's going through. He commented on the criticism that celebrities receive from those that don't know them and how it feels when people have misinterpreted what he's said.

He goes on to observe that even though he is a professing Christian, many of those that speak negatively about him are people that also consider themselves Christians. In an age where any of us can express our opinions for the world to see, Steve Harvey's tears remind us that the people we talk about are real people with real feelings. Although I think there is a place to express concern if there are Christians who are living lives inconsistent with their faith (see I Corinthians 5), we need to remember only God can judge the true motives and intentions of others. And we do need to question whether our criticisms are truly for the benefit of that person... or so we can feel better about ourselves.

For a glimpse into the heart of a celebrity, check on the video below. If the video player doesn't show up, please click here.

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Melina said...

We do Satan's work when we tear each other down.