Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What are the Top Religion Stories of 2009?

Time Magazine recently compiled its suggestions for the top ten religion stories for this past year, 2009. Here they are:

1. Secularism or Bust - the growing anti-religion sentiment that is sweeping across Europe.

2. What Reformation? - the Catholic Church's acceptance of Anglicans who are dissatisfied with the the direction of their own church.

3. Keeping the Faith-Based - President Obama's expansion of the White House faith-based office initiated by President George W. Bush.

4. Faith Healing Turns Fatal - the death of a child whose parent's opted for prayer instead of traditional medical treatment for their sick daughter.

5. Going to the Chapel - a popular Catholic priest is removed from his Diocese after pictures of him with a woman on the beach surface.

6. Dr. Dobson Has Left the Building - Dr. James Dobson steps down as the leader of Focus on the Family.

7. Obama's Notre Dame Touchdown - Pro-choice President Obama offers a commencement speech at the pro-life Catholic institution.

8. Americans Go Church Shopping - more and more Americans change churches, change faiths or give up on organized religion altogether.

9. Banning the Baha'i - several leaders of the Baha'i faith are held in prison in Iran.

10. Religious Runaway - a teenage Muslim girl converts to Christianity and runs away from home because she says she fears for her life.

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