Monday, November 14, 2016

Post-Election Web Roundup

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I may share my thoughts on the election at some point in the days ahead but, for now, here's a collection of interesting articles that I have read over this past week:

12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting Something Online by Mark Dever (The Gospel Coalition)
"The privacy of a personal conversation limits misunderstanding. Some public posts will sound one way to those who know us and another to those who don’t. Negative assessments are often best shared privately, or not at all. How many of us have learned at our workplace that e-mail is a terrible way to share negative comments? When it comes to public postings, ask yourself: Are there reasons I may not be a good person to speak on certain matters?"
Legacy of Bloody Election Day Lingers in Florida Town by Andrew Maraniss (The Undefeated)
"As voters nationwide prepare to head to the polls Nov. 8, that terrible Election Day in 1920 can seem both near and far. There have been steps forward and backward here, the gains coming not so much because the people, attitudes and institutions of the old Ocoee have disappeared, but because the demographics surrounding them are shifting. And in that regard, this spot of central Florida has much to say about America itself."
To the 80% - My Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ by Kimberly Gillespie (Things I Thought I'd Never)
"Hopefully you can see and understand some of the struggle. It’s not that we don’t want unity. We do. I do. We want to honor God. We can see Satan’s hand in this whole mess. But it takes both sides. Not just us “not talking”, but our sisters and brothers listening, understanding, asking helpful questions, not justifying, rebuking and telling us “not to be anxious”, but committing to stand with us if stuff hits the fan. To stand with those in our churches who may face deportation and whose families could be devastated because siblings, or parents or grandparents could be separated. To use your resources, your influences, your connections. To be family."
The Evangelical Reckoning Over Donald Trump by Emma Green (The Atlantic)
"The Republican candidate’s victory may seem like an affirmation of the old, long-standing coalition between evangelicals and the Republican party, and in many ways, it is. But vote counts conceal deep, painful fractures among the huge, diverse group of Americans who identify as evangelical Christians. Nothing makes this clearer than the unprecedented in-fighting among Christian leaders in the lead-up to the election. Many people in big, important positions staked their credibility on supporting or opposing Donald Trump; old allies turned against one another, and new upstarts gained fame."
Ernie Johnson's Incredible Perspective on the 2016 Election

In the wake of an election that caused so much division within our country, Ernie Johnson, studio host of "NBA on TNT", offered a remarkable perspective on how he has viewed this election and how he intends to try to bring healing.

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