Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why Ethnic Minorities Leave Evangelical Organizations

As one who works alongside a number of African Americans and other ethnic minorities, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges that are faced by ethnic minorities when working in a predominately white evangelical organization. Not only does each of us have a cultural background that we bring with us, but each ministry/church/organization also has its own cultural nuances. Unaware that many of the organization's ways are heavily influenced by the ethnic and cultural background of its members, leaders in evangelical organizations can often try to make minor changes to try to attract people of color without addressing the underlying issues that may be in discord with a given ethnic group's cultural values.

Christianity Today (CT) recently ran an article by Edward Gilbreath entitled, "Exit Interviews: Why blacks are leaving evangelical ministries." As an African American working for a predominately white ministry, Gilbreath offers an intriguing perspective on this matter. You can read the article here.

In addition, CT also published an article this month, "Catching Up With a Dream: Evangelicals and Race 30 Years After the Death of Martin Luther King, Jr." Though written several years ago, it is a great read.

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