Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hip Hop, Racism and Sexism

I had started to write a post that more directly addressed the role that hip-hop plays in the prevalence of the negative language in our culture that led to the firing of Don Imus. However, I didn't think my thoughts were organized well and it would be easy to be misinterpreted on much that I was saying. After all, I am a fan of hip-hop, but I am concerned about the images that are presented through mainstream rap videos and the influence that this music has on our youth. So I decided to scrap the post...

But then I came across this article which was linked to on a blog I regularly read, The piece, entitled "Are You a Hip-Hop Apologist?", is written from someone within the industry (rap artist Paris) and provides a balanced perspective without falling off either edge of the debate (i.e. Hip-hop is all good or it is all bad). Paris writes what I would want to say in a much better way than I could.

You can read the article here. Warning: There is some strong language used (i.e. swear words) so please don't read it if that would offend you.

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