Monday, August 13, 2007

The Real Tragedy of the Michael Vick Saga

You have most likely heard about the recent indictment of NFL quarterback Michael Vick, who is accused of being a prime player in the world of dogfighting. If you're an avid fantasy football player like me or merely an Atlanta Falcons fan, you've definitely followed this news. Whatever the case may be, I've been stunned by the public response to this. I knew there were a lot of dog lovers out there (I count myself one) and I don't know anyone personally that condones the abuse of animals, but I think we need to put this situation in perspective.

Since the year of my birth in 1973, our government has said that it is absolutely legal for a mother to take the life of a child, as long as it's her baby and it's still inside her womb. If it's not her kid or the baby has been born, then the powers that be have said that's illegal. In relation to the accusations of dogfighting that Vick faces, I wonder how many of the self-righteous judges out there among the American public believe in a woman's perogative to, um, not choose life for her baby, yet condemn Vick for the alleged use of dogs for his own amusement.

Former congressman J.C. Watts has some great thoughts on this here. I particularly like his words for West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, a former leader in the Ku Klux Klan, who has shown some particular disgust for Vick. And though things don't look good for Vick, he has yet to be convicted. Even if he is found guilty of these acts, it is important to remember that his crimes are against dogs. Dogs are animals and they are not people. I do not like the abuse or killing of animals for sport (one reason why I am not a hunter), but the life of an animal is not on an equal plane with that of a human being who is created in the image of God.

Watts' insights are telling. Our culture has become so desensitized to the taking of human life that we barely bat an eye when millions of innocent babies are killed, yet a lynch mob forms when some innocent dogs are brutally harmed. The murder of dogs is wrong, but it is not in the same ballpark of the murder of babies. Let's remember that.

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michineb said...

We as a nation are concerned about dog fights. Yet our children are going to prison for skin color and sexual acts. Lets deal with the real issues.