Thursday, November 15, 2007

Michigan/Ohio State Humor - The Prayer

Ohio State is threatening to score the winning touchdown with four seconds to go on the Michigan two-yard line. Urban Meyer looks to the sky and says, “Oh Lord, I've been a good person. I've tried to live a good life. Please, give me your guidance. What play should we run?”

Suddenly, the clouds part and a booming voice says, “RUN 34 POWER TRAP RIGHT.” Urban stands in stunned disbelief. His prayer has been answered! Quickly, Coach Meyer tells Braxton Miller to run 34 power trap right. The quarterback calls the play and hands off to the running back, who is immediately swarmed by Wolverine linebackers in the backfield.

The game ends and Michigan fans storm the field to celebrate. From the sideline, Urban looks toward heaven and says, “Why Lord? Why did you tell me to run 34 power trap right?”

The same booming voice answers, “I DON'T KNOW. WHY DID WE RUN 34 POWER TRAP, BO?”

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Crock said...

best one so far - thanks!