Monday, April 28, 2008

Stuff Christians Like

In my bumping around the blogosphere in recent weeks I've gotten introduced to a number of websites that deal with a given group of people poking fun at themselves. Any group of people, whether it be religiously, ethnically, or affinity-based, has certain elements that stand out from other groups of people in society. Among the sites I've found are:

But the site I find most humorous is "Stuff Christians Like." This blog is right on target in identifying the things that we Christians are attracted to that are just flat-out peculiar to everybody else. Among recent posts are:

- "Giving Open Flames to Kids on Christmas Eve"

- "Telling the Pastor What His Kids Have Been Up To"

- "The 'Pray if you feel led' Prayer"

- "Testamints - Sending Bad Breath to Hell"

The only knock I have on "Stuff Christians Like" is that it is written from a very white, middle-class, evangelical perspective. So if you're a Christian, but don't fall into those categories, you may miss some of the humor. I could easily see similar blogs written for "Stuff Black Christians Like", "Things Hispanic Christians Like", etc.

One of the things that I like about all these blogs are they are designed to poke fun at the group that the author(s) are a part of. They are not mean spirited, but are self-deprecating. We should always be able to laugh at ourselves and let others join the fun as we enjoy what make us "us."

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