Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Test for True 'Lost' Fans

For those of us that are big fans of ABC's hit show, Lost, know that there are all sorts of story lines and details to keep up with if we are to follow all the hints and clues that the writers give to us. While there are those that are more fanatical about the show than I am, I do watch each episode religiously and follow the discussions on message boards and blogs each week to pick up on things that I missed in watching that week's episode. I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow night's season finale.

Now the people at DarkUFO have created what they are claiming to be "The Hardest Lost Quiz Ever." And after taking the quiz, I can't disagree with them. There are 39 questions in all on the quiz, with each of the questions being weighted on their difficulty. I scored a 1093 points out of a possible 3900. That's not too bad for a baseball player, but not the kind of score you want to get on a test. This thing is hard, but if you're a Lost fan, I challenge you to try.

I am particularly calling out my wonderful wife, Lori, to take this thing and see if she can best my score. For you see, Lori and I are both competitive people and we enjoy taking little quizzes like this. It would not be uncommon at all for you to find us at the dinner table battling to see who can name the most books of the Bible, the U.S. Presidents, state capitols, or characters on Lost (which I came up with 49).

So, if you're up for the challenge, you can take the quiz here and be sure to let me know how you did. Thanks to Pop Candy and TV Squad for letting me know about it.

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orangejack said...

1075 and totally guessing half the time