Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Well Do You Know Your Presidents?

Did you know that 42 men have served as President of the United States of America? You may have known that, but how many of them do you think you can name? Well, now here's your chance. has this quiz in which you have eight minutes to see how many of the U.S. Presidents you know by name.

I'm a bit of a U.S. history and presidential buff , so I was actually able to name 39 of the 42. Why don't you take a few minutes to take the quiz and let me know how well you did. Good luck!

After you have taken the quiz you can learn about the answers to the statements below at Presidental Fun Facts:
  • 9 Presidents never went to college and Harvard has the most alum, 5, to serve in office.
  • The most common religious affiliation is Episcopalian.
  • The ethnic background of all Presidents is limited to the following heritages: Dutch, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Swiss or German.
  • Only one President was never married and only one was divorced.
  • Eight Presidents died while in office and another six had assassination attempts on their lives.
  • Fourteen Presidents served as Vice-Presidents prior to becoming top dog.

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