Friday, September 18, 2009

Ads From Early 90's Predict the Future

There were a series of commercials from AT&T that aired in the early 1990's featuring Tom Selleck that made some startling claims about technological advances that were to come. Amazingly, most of these things are now part of our lives (even if they may look a little different than what was anticipated).

As I think back to an age before video chats, the Internet, GPS, e-mail and smart phones, it's eerie to think how many of these technological advances are now commonplace. Check out the ads yourself below. (Click here if the video player doesn't show up.)

Thanks to TV Squad for the link.

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Michael Lantz said...

This commercial brings back memories.We have those things now.I heard that we are 20 years behind in Technology.We had computers back in the 1950's.The were probably invented back in the late 1930's.