Friday, November 20, 2009

Abortion & Woman of Color

Taken from Heartbeat International, here are some disturbing facts about abortion in America and how it disportionately affects women of color:
"Presently, America’s pregnancy help centers are set up in predominantly white, suburban, and small-town communities. This reflects the demographics of our current movement. But long ago, Planned Parenthood explicitly identified its profit centers: "young women, low-income women, and women of color" (Planned Parenthood Plan of Action, 1997). Studies show that 62.5% of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in cities where Blacks represent a higher percentage of the population compared to the overall population of the state. (

Black women, who represent 12% of the female population, suffer 36% of all abortions. Latina women represent 13% of the female population but suffer another 20% of all abortions. Together, they suffer 56% of all abortions yet they represent only 25% of our nation’s population.

Rev. Clenard Childress, Northeast Region President of the Life Education And Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.), explains the numbers: "The abortion industry kills as many Black people every four days as the Klan killed in 150 years. Since 1973, legal abortion has killed more Blacks than AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and violent crime combined."
You can read the complete Lifelines article here. Thanks to John Piper for the link to the article.


LLJ said...

very sad :(

J. Hill said...

This is one of the great tragedy's of our time. It breaks my heart when I see black people promoting Planned Parenthood in ads and magazines. If only they knew the damage done to black people. Could it be possible that we support our own extermination. I hope we can turn this around for all people.

Michael Lantz said...

I heard that Margaret Sanger was a racist.Is there any truth to that?.I believe that Planned Parenthood wants to do to minorities what Adolph Hitler wanted to do to the Jews.It is very sad.

scottmcrocker said...


I think Sanger's views on race are pretty well-documented. Here are some of her more chilling quotes: