Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Henry Cloud on Grace

Dr. Henry Cloud shares his thoughts on the topic of grace (from his book, Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of the Reality):
"We are familiar with this term in many ways, from having a "grace" period when we don’t mail the check in on time, to hearing it in hymns or descriptions of exceptional people. The usage that I like the best is a theological one with the definition "unmerited favor." Grace is when we extend "favor" to someone, not because they have earned it in some way, but because we just possess it to give. It is a stance in life, a way of being. A "person of grace" is one who does the things we have described above of being "for" and not "against," and treating others in the way that she would want to be treated. It makes for ultimate trust.

So, if you want to leave the best wake possible, leave behind a trail of people who have experienced your being "for them." I heard a man describe his boss one time this way: "She was a tough one, but I always felt she wanted me to do well. She wanted me to win, even when she was hard on me." People of grace leave others better off than how they found them, even when they were getting nothing in return."

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Thanks for the nice post. an amazing undeserved gift that we gift from God. Thanks for your post and your comments!