Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Are Michigan's Winged Helmets Made?

Photo Credit: *ejk*
With just over three weeks until the start of the college football season for the 2010 Michigan Wolverines, one could say that I am looking forward to this season with a high degree of anticipation.

Having endured losing records the past two seasons, I am hoping for a return to winning ways this year.  I would be extremely pleased with eight wins and a return to a good bowl game and a win over Ohio State would be the icing on the cake.

Michigan's success is good for the Big Ten, good for the rest of college football and good for my sanity on Saturdays in the fall.  Plus, the it is fun to learn about how the Wolverines unique traditions are passed down from era to era.  Not only does Michigan possess the most wins in the history of college football and once again has the biggest college stadium, but it arguably has one of the most recognized and cherished uniform elements -- Michigan's winged helmet.

But just how does Michigan's unique design get made?  Check out this video from mgovideo below as long-time Michigan equipment manager Jon Falk explains the process.  (Click here if video player does not show up.)

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