Thursday, September 30, 2010

Celebrating Five Years of Blogging

Photo Credit: Dricker94
Five years ago today, I entered the world of blogging. A couple close friends of mine thought I had a unique perspective on some issues and that it might be beneficial to share those thoughts with others.  A special thanks to Shane Deike and Rob Williams for initially getting me up and running.

Now, over 500 blog posts later, I continue to enjoy the opportunity to provide insights to current issues from my vantage point.  Thank you to all of you that faithfully read Crocker Chronicle and for those of you that have sent along your encouraging feedback through comments, e-mails, Facebook messages and in personal interaction. 

It still humbles me when I come across someone that mentions they enjoy my writing and appreciate the things I have to say.  I know that my readership is fairly small compared to more popular blogs but I'm thankful that God has used some of my words to be helpful to a number of people.  My desire is to help challenge Christians to view the world through a different eyes than perhaps they normally do and for those that are not followers of Christ to consider his role in their lives as they contemplate the issues of our society.

Thanks again for reading and hopefully I'll be able to continue to bring you content that inspires, challenges, educates and informs.  God bless.


orangejack said...

always glad to help anytime. blog on!

Kaye said...

They were right - that you have a unique perspective & that it could be beneficial to others. I am thankful for your voice being out there.

scottmcrocker said...

Thanks, Rob & Kaye!

Stephanie N. said...

Congratulations, Scott! I know I am only one of many who have been influenced by your blog. Grateful for your leadership and your writing!