Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Reminder of God's Love

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Valentine's Day is a mixed bag. For those that are in a romantic relationship, it is a day spent demonstrating one's love for that special someone. For others it is a sad reminder of love gone wrong or love that has yet to be realized. For me, it is a combination of experiencing deep love for my wife and a haunting reminder of the loss of my brother (who passed away on this day 35 years ago).

Whatever your experience on February 14th may be, there is a comforting reality that God's love is extended to and available for us no matter what our circumstances. My favorite author, Brennan Manning, comments on God's love in his outstanding book, The Ragamuffin Gospel:
"Justification by grace through faith is the theologian's learned phrase for what Chesterton once called "the furious love of God." He is not moody or capricious; he knows no seasons of change. He has a single relentless stance toward us: he loves us. He is the only God man has ever heard of who loves sinners. False gods — the gods of human manufacturing — despise sinners, but the Father of Jesus loves all, no matter what they do. But of course this is almost too incredible for us to accept. Nevertheless, the central affirmation of the Reformation stands: through no merit of ours, but by his mercy, we have been restored to a right relationship with God through the life, death, and resurrection of his beloved Son. This is the Good News, the gospel of grace."
True and unconditional love, the type of love that God has for us, will never grow old and it will never leave. Whether you are in a dating relationship, married or unattached romantically at the moment, rest in God's love today.

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