Friday, April 15, 2011

Lecrae Showing That Hip Hop Can Be Christ-Centered...And Good

Photo Credit: Andrea Kirkley
It may not seem possible to some but there are Christians who rap and produce both God-honoring lyrical content and high quality musical stylings. Check out this interview that The Atlanta Journal Constitution did with Christian rapper, Lecrae. A highlight:
"Some think because it's Christian-based music, it "must not be good or it's just a bunch of religious propaganda." And church folks, he [Lecrae] said, "think this sounds worldly and God is opposed to hip hop. I'm a Christian but it doesn't mean my music has to be sub-par and God owns everything, even hip hop."

While some hip hop lyrics glorify a street life, partying and having a lot of women, Lecrae's gives his view on drug dealing and murder as a way to help people see the detriments of the lifestyle. He wants young people, especially, to see the flip side of that life and to give them hope.

"I want them to see the good things in life and the benefit of living with God, as opposed to the detriments of living in opposition to Him," he said.

And he believes you can do that without saying "Jesus" every five words. Call it faith with a hip hop beat.

Lecrae is clearly on to something. "Rehab" debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Christian and Gospel charts and on the Top 200. He's tried to remain culturally relevant and biblically based in his music and deeds. In 2010, he was nominated for a Grammy for Best Gospel Rock/Rap album for "Rehab."
Unfamiliar with Lecrae's music? Check out his video for "Don't Waste Your Life" below (or by clicking here if the video player doesn't show up).

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