Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Both/And Qualities Of Christianity

Photo Credit: Salvatore lovene
From Carolyn Arends:
"A lifetime of evangelical thinking has primed me for either/or questions,breeding a deep distrust of both/and propositions. After all, one of the distinguishing features of Christianity is its insistence that there is one way to God. A wariness of pluralistic worldviews is completely warranted. But if I'm not careful, that insistence can mutate into creating artificial schisms that fly in the face of a God who desires to make us whole in radical ways.

When we fall for false dualities, we end up arguing over whether the gospel is concerned with ministering to the poor or proclaiming the Word. We believe our theology must emphasize either a free gift of grace or a call to holy living. In a myriad of areas, we polarize, dichotomize, and greatly minimize the life God has for us.

...Most of us would like our faith to reduce tension. But, according to Jesus (who told us to be anxious for nothing but always alert, to be last in order to be first, to be weak to be strong, and to lose our lives to find them), tension is required."
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Kaye said...

Thanks for this link, Scott; it's a great article. I appreciate her warning about "artificial schisms" and "false dualities" - and her reference to Richard Foster's book.

scottmcrocker said...

Thanks, Kaye!