Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekly Web Roundup (8/20/16)

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Here are some interesting stories from around the web that I've seen during this past week:

4 Types of People Leaders Must Not Listen To by Eric Geiger
"Wise leaders listen to wise people. Because the people we listen to impact our decisions, our attitudes, and our perceptions, it is critical that we listen to the right people. A leader who listens to the wrong people is just as foolish as a leader who doesn’t listen at all."
Helping College-Bound Native Americans Beat The Odds by Claudio Sanchez
"A test score, the GPA, the ranking, are things that an admissions officer doesn't remember. l'm not just looking for a diamond in the rough or the hard-knock life. They're not always in crisis. They're doing beautiful, amazing things. And I want colleges to recognize that."
What the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Miss About Simone Biles by Aarol Earls
"As Simone Biles was clinching yet another gold medal in Rio, people on both sides of the abortion debate were pointing to her achievements and background as a justification for their position. 
But both miss out on a very important fact: Simone Biles has value not because she is a young woman inspiring the world or because she is a world champion gymnast who was adopted as a child. Simone has value simply because she is Simone."
The Fine Line Between Safe Space and Segregation by Emily Deruy
"Where most universities were designed around the needs and lives of white students, she said, and most white students can—and do—still avoid having uncomfortable conversations about race, black students “are never at a shortage” for uncomfortable racial conversations. In other words, white students can often elect not to engage in such conversations, where black students cannot escape them."
When Glorifying God Means Coming in Last Place by Stacie Fletcher

One of the most compelling stories of the Rio 2016 is when U.S. 5000m runner Abbey D’Agostino stopped to help fellow runner Nikki Hamblin to her feet after they both fell during the race. Cru staff member and friend Stacie Fletcher writes about how Abbey's faith influenced her decision.

Toddler Imitates Rocky

Watch along as a baby in this video mimics the movements of Rocky Balboa during a well-known training sequence from Rocky II.

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