Sunday, December 30, 2007

Catch up on 'Lost'

There are two arrivals that I'm looking forward to in January 2008. First and most important, is the arrival of my fourth child. But second is the arrival of the fourth season of one of my favorite television shows, Lost. Unfortunately, we'll have had to wait around nine months for both of these blessings to get here.

There are less than a handful of T.V. shows that I make it a point to watch every episode -- The Office, Survivor, American Idol and Lost. So after waiting nine + months for a new season, I'm pretty excited to see what is going to happen to the Losties, the Others and whoever else pops up on the Island (or not on the Island) this year.

If you're a fan of the show like me or one who is interested in making Lost part of your regular viewing, ABC has put together a nice little video recap of the show to catch you up before the next new episode airs on January 31st. You can visit ABC's site here to look at the video montage. If the clip (8 minutes, 15 seconds running time) doesn't play automatically, click on the "Catch up on Lost!" in the video window.

Thanks to TV Squad for the heads up on the Lost video.


orangejack said...

I can't wait for Lost to return! Have you seen the mobisodes or whatever they call them?

scottmcrocker said...

No, I haven't. Have you?

orangejack said...

Yeah, I watched some. A few were dumb. Several were pretty interesting. Kind of like deleted scenes.