Wednesday, December 10, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

As the parent of several young children I have noticed the proliferation of awards, honors and recognition that kids get these days. When I was a kid it seemed like the only awards you got were at the end of the year for things like making the honor roll, perfect attendance or finishing anywhere in the top ten on field day. These days my children have received so many certificates, gift cards and stickers by the end of the year we don't know where to put them all ("Hey Jimmy, you showed up to school today and your fly's not open. Here's a free coupon from Pizza Hut!")

In that vein I saw this humorous story on Christianity Today:

"After school, my five-year-old son Johnathan burst into my office and exclaimed, "Mom, I got a reward today!" I dug through his bookbag crammed with a lunch box, library book, and artwork. Finally, I found the certificate signed by his teacher. "This is a math award," I said. "It says you did an excellent job in math today. That's great." With a puzzled look, Johnathan asked, "What's math?"
Too funny. You just never know what's going to come out of the mouths of your children. It reminds me of a few weeks ago when Lori and I were having a dinner discussion with our kids about the concept of cheating and deceiving others. We talked about how some kids will hide their report cards from their parents when they get bad grades in the hopes that their parents won't find out. Our high achieving daughter, Leah, (who has inherited her mother's talents) blurted out: "Even if I got a really bad a 93%...I would still tell you guys!"

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