Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life is Precious

It has been said that life is what happens while you're busy making plans. Unfortunately, our plans are often interrupted by sickness, disease and even death. Lori and I currently have at least five different friends that are battling or recovering from treatments for cancer. It is never fun to see those you love go through life-threatening illnesses.

To address the myth that somehow if you're right in your relationship with God that you'll be immune from any kind of sickness, these friends fighting for their lives are among the most godly and generous individuals we know.

One of those people is Vivian Mabuni. Viv just found out that she has breast cancer. She and her husband, Darrin, are friends of ours that we've had the privilege of working with in our ministry. She's created a site on CaringBridge where she posts regular updates on how their family is coping with this reality and how God is bringing them through this time. She's also a regular reader of this blog so I've gotta give her some love :)

She recently wrote a post entitled "The Preciousness of Life." With her permission, here it is:

"I have been mulling over these last few weeks the preciousness of life. It has been a humbling and powerful lesson for me to think about what great lengths that are, and can be taken, in order to preserve the temporary life we live this side of heaven. I have no idea how much all the doctors appointments, testing, surgery, chemo treatments, etc. will end up costing. Around the ball park of Jumbo-Big-Barrels-o-cash. Yet, the issue of not pursuing the very best medical care possible hasn't even crossed our minds. Darrin shared with me, "We could always sell the house and live in a box. Whatever it takes." I know that if the tables were turned and one of the kids or Darrin was battling cancer I wouldn't hesitate to do whatever I needed to preserve their lives. Whatever it takes.

Still, the idea that all of this time and money focused on preserving my little life--one little life--is humbling and overwhelming. Life is precious. And I'm learning that my life is precious. Worth saving. Naturally my thoughts move to how great God's love is. He gave His life to preserve mine. The lyrics in a song from Michael Card goes: "could it be that He would really rather die than live without us." He did that for me. Went to great lengths...died in my place to secure my life. Whatever it took. The truest part of me is not the body I walk around in everyday. The truest part of me is alive through His Spirit and will never die. Secure and safe. I'm learning in a new way about how valuable we are to God. Life is precious. You and I are precious."

What a great perspective! Please keep Vivian and our other friends Chris, Scott, Patty and Al and their families in your prayers as they trust God for healing. Thanks.

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