Friday, August 28, 2009

An Update on the One Hundred Push Ups Challenge

A few weeks ago I wrote about a workout regimen that I was in the midst of called The One Hundred Push Ups Challenge. The program is simple: Start with how ever many proper form push ups that you can do and by following the recommended program, you should be able to do 100 consecutive push ups in just six weeks.

Well, I just completed my last workout of the sixth week. All that is left is my final test. Although I've seen dramatic improvement and am doing a lot more pushups than I ever thought I'd be able to do, we'll see if I will be able to do the 100 when I perform the final exhaustion test on Sunday.

But if I'm not able to get there this weekend (I'm hoping I can do at least 75-80), I'm not giving up. I've made it too far to turn back now, even if I fall short of my six week goal. I'll repeat the Week 6 plan and will hopefully be able to get there next weekend if I can't do it now. As you can see from this chart, I've made some pretty good progress. In my first workout on July 20th, I only did 35 push ups in my total workout. Tonight I did 231 total!

My wife and kids have been supportive throughout the process and I've enjoyed seeing several of my friends follow suit and try the program. In addition to this workout plan, I've also changed my eating habits significantly and have lost 15 pounds in the last three months, as well adding at least a few pounds of muscle.

I'll be posting my results from my test on Sunday on Twitter @scottmcrocker and on my Facebook account. Thanks for those of you that have encouraged me on this journey!

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Scott Nannen said...

Scott, it is amazing that you are doing that many pushups in one day. I hope to get there soon. Question - how do you space out your days? For instance, I started on Monday, so Monday was Week 1 Day 1, Wednesday was Week 1 day 2 and Friday was Week 1 Day 3. So, when would you do Week 2 Day 1? On Sunday, which is two days after your last pushup workout, or on Monday which would be truly Week 2 Day 1, but give you an extra day off?