Friday, February 06, 2009

25 of My Core Beliefs

This is a take on the “25 Random Things About Me” and is inspired by The Internet Monk. It is entitled “25 of My Core Beliefs.” Not so much habits, preferences or likes/dislikes, this list contains those things that define who you are at your core.

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I believe that:

1. Christians are the greatest apologetic for and the strongest argument against Christianity.

2. If I fail as a husband and father then I have essentially failed at life.

3. The religious right and the liberal left strike me with an equal amount of fear.

4. Abortion and the killing of innocent civilians in war are ultimately two sides of the same coin.

5. The Bible is the Word of God and contains the answers to anything we face in life.

6. All problems in the world lead back to the fact that the human heart is sinful.

7. America’s foundation was built on a combination of religious liberty, a desire for freedom and greed.

8. If individual Christians took on a greater personal responsibility to care for children that are not their own that the number of those in the criminal justice system would decrease.

9. Killing animals for sport -- and not food -- is cruel.

10. Sex is holy and should be reserved for a man and woman within the union of marriage.

11. Giving of our financial resources to others blesses both us and them.

12. The justice system in the United States is racially and socio-economically biased.

13. Following the American dream can often lead to a nightmare.

14. Competitive athletics can help teach children valuable life lessons.

15. Developing a love of reading can open new doors of opportunity.

16. God made women distinct from men, and vice versa, for a reason.

17. Prioritizing a strong relationship with God and family is more important than seeking riches or fame.

18. Some Christians spend way too much time answering questions that no one outside their inner circle is asking.

19. The Civil War was God’s judgment for slavery and Native Americans have gotten a raw deal ever since Europeans first graced their land.

20. Most military personnel, police officers, fire fighters, teachers, pastors and missionaries don’t get near the appreciation they deserve.

21. God can use sickness, suffering and the death of loved ones to draw us closer to Himself.

22. Nepotism is fundamentally no different than affirmative action.

23. A child’s relationship with their father has the power to affect them more than their friends, school, media or church.

24. God gave us music, the arts and nature so we could enjoy the reflection of His beauty.

25. Heaven and hell are both literal places and what we decide to do with Jesus will determine where we will spend eternity.

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