Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Technology is Changing the World

We all know how much technology influences us, but few understand how dramatically technological innovations are affecting our world. The Barna Research Group recently conducted a study that gives some insight into how newer technology is perceived by age groups and how that technology is being utilized. One interesting perspective that the study found was this:

"All Americans are increasingly dependent on new digital technologies to acquire entertainment, products, content, information and stimulation. However, older adults tend to use technology for information and convenience. Younger adults rely on technology to facilitate their search for meaning and connection. These technologies have begun to rewire the ways in which people - especially the young - meet, express themselves, use content and stay connected."
Although most Americans have adapted to the use of newer technology like the Internet, cell phones and iPods, not everyone uses them in the same way. These differences are likely no more apparent than among those our ministry reaches out to -- college students. College students seek and share information, connect with current friends, make new acquaintances, find entertainment outlets and even search for answers to life's deepest questions through modern technology.

The world is rapidly changing and it is hard to keep up with all the new gadgets and updates that seem to come out on a monthly basis. For those of us in Christian ministry, it is imperative that we learn about current technology and the role that it plays in the lives of people of all generations. A resistance to adapt to modern technology will only lead to one thing -- irrelevance. The gospel message of Jesus never changes but how that message gets communicated to each generation needs to be adapted.

Here is a video that I saw today that points out some of the realities of today's world. (If the player doesn't show up, click here.)

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