Thursday, November 06, 2008

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Comments on Obama's Election

I can't claim to be one that watches "The View" very often... okay, I never watch it since I'm rarely at home when it's on and it has a little bit too much estrogen for my liking. But I do know that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is often by herself when it comes to the viewpoints she seeks to express on the show. She is a conversative Christian and seeks to hold her own when they discuss morality, faith and politics.

I do periodically watch clips from the show when something controversial has taken place and those clips seem to include Hasselbeck more times than not. She proudly campaigned for John McCain and defended Sarah Palin when she felt her co-hosts were attacked her. I don't always agree with her perspective, but she's got guts for hanging in there day after day.

But I'd like you to watch the clip below. I think she represents a mature and Christ-like response to how an individual that didn't vote for Barack Obama can carry themselves in the days ahead. (Click here if the player doesn't show up.)

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