Thursday, November 06, 2008

Help Billy Graham Celebrate His 90th Birthday

I just received this message from Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, concerning his father's upcoming birthday:
"My father will celebrate his 90th birthday November 7, and we’d like to give him a special gift. If you or someone in your family came to know Jesus Christ through his ministry, please share that with him. Send us your story—or a simple greeting and we’ll put all the messages together and present them to my father. We hope it will encourage my father as he sees the fruit of more than 60 years of ministry.
Millions more across the globe are hearing the life-changing Gospel message even now through the ongoing work of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
Thank you for helping us celebrate. May God richly bless you!"
Sincerely, Franklin Graham
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Cecil Crasto said...

Jennifer Pifer-Bixler writing on called him America's pastor. It is more accurate to describe him as America's master peddler of lies and fairy tales. We can't prove the existence of the tooth fairy and rightly know it for what it is. It is laughable that normally rational, educated people still believe in a god even though that cannot be proven either! You can offer the most profound theology to explain away why you can't prove your god's existence but if you can't prove it, it is simply a claim! And when you try to convince people that your claim is the truth, you are if I may put it very bluntly, lying! A more honest approach would be to acknowledge that this is your belief, not that it is the truth!

Franklin Graham claims he is spreading the life changing gospel message throughout the world. How can it be life changing when the overwhelming majority of Christians and their churches will not speak out against the genocide in sudan and elsewhere yet will get politically active to deny marriage to gays! Life changing? When a million lives lost to violence matters less than denying gays the right to use the term marriage to define a union they already are in? Seventy three million dollars was spent to fight this out in the recent election in California when that same money could have gone toward helping end the genocide in sudan, toward the one thing that should matter the most - human life and dignity! The salesman trying to sell the product cannot even attest to the effectiveness of the same! Mr. Graham certainly doesn't try to get you involved in the fight to end genocide as much as he tries to sell you something you really don't need! I don't see it on his website nor did he bother to reply to my accusations when I contacted him through his website.

Someone more worthy of our respect and honor is his more illustrious peer Charles Templeton who was at first his partner in crime but who after coming to know the truth - the real truth, was truly set free and couldn't in all honesty continue to deceive people.